We're coming out of beta!

Wow, I (Diego), am not very good at getting these things out. It's been almost a year. It's harder to do than I thought. Let me make it up to you though.

We're coming out of beta!

That's right. And it's not sometime in the nebulous future. It’s now. Like right now.

By the time this post goes up, you should be able to download Stack Wallet version 2.0.0 for all platforms. You can find the Windows, Linux, MacOS downloads, and .apks here. You can also find mobile version on the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and F-Droid.

It’s been a long journey. More than two years, and there have been countless challenges and hundreds upon hundreds of bugs.

Now that’s not to say there won’t be bugs in this release. I know there will be some. But we’ve reached a point of stability in regards to syncing, testing, transacting, and features that I feel Stack is ready for to come out of its shell.

There’s more to do. We’ve got a big Monero/Wownero rework coming which will, among other things, bring polyseed and XMR/WOW on Windows. There’s a few more known UI bugs, as well as a few other things. But we’ll get there. Rest assured. :)

Now what’s in this release? Well, we added Bitcoin Frost for mobile devices (desktop coming soon). We added this in collaboration with our good friend Kayaba from Serai, and we’re submitting to the HRF Bounties in hopes of nabbing that prize. Frost is…an interesting and difficult piece of software, but I think we gave it our famous UI/UX polish that makes it about as good as it can be for now.

We’ve also added Solana, Peercoin, Taproot support for BTC, and expanded the Tor functionality to cover pretty much all coins. The only exceptions are XMR/WOW (coming with the refactor), and Epic Cash.

Now for all of you Stack Duo users who have waited so patiently for many, many months. We are, this very moment, working on a system that will allow us to release Duo alongside Stack Wallet instantly. Up until this point we’ve been manually pulling all relevant changes from Stack to Duo with each release. This has become infeasible to continue. So we’re working on a powerful system that will bring both apps (as well as potentially a few others) into the same repo. We (and you if you’re tech savvy enough) will be able to run a few simple commands when we’re doing our builds for distribution that will just add the necessary functionality, change the names and images, and everything else necessary.

As always you can check our Github to see progress made on things in real time.

Wowee what a trip! I’m so proud of the Stack Wallet team, and so grateful to the small community we’ve built. I’m also stoked to be a part of a growing group of open-source applications that all help and build off of each other. People like Foundation Devices (thanks for the tor stuff), Cake Wallet (thanks for working with us on the Monero stuff), Serai (thanks for the Frost stuff), Peercoin (thanks for coinlib and taproot and making a new Dart package to replace the ancient Bitcoin ones there), Firo (for trusting us with being the first mobile Spark wallet), and so many more.

What’s next? Beyond the Duo stuff we’ve got several smaller things that we’ve wanted for a long time. Things like RBF, CPFP, and PSBTs for Bitcoin, CashTokens for BCH, MWEB and Runes for LTC, Spark Assets for Firo. The list goes on and on.

We hope you’re excited about it as we are. Thanks for sticking with us on this journey so far.

~ Diego “rehrar” Salazar