End of week update: May 28th, 2023

Missed another week again. Life gets in the way sometimes, and it's just me (rehrar) doing these, so you'll have to bear with me. Even now I'm a bit busy so you'll have to forgive my curt demeanor this week. Just need to get this out. I'll be back to my cheery, jokey self for the next blogpost. Anyways, 'weekly' update time.

  • Tor. Still in progress. Had to set it aside a bit because the past two weeks were a lot of bug fixing. But we'll get to that. Not much movement here I'm afraid, but back on that this upcoming week.

  • Themes. They launched. Then we made tweaks and updates. Pretty neat little thing we got going on now. Since initial launch we've now added things like updating a theme from within an app when there is an update to one (as opposed to before when you had to delete and reinstall). They're out, and we cut the app size like in half. People are pretty thrilled, and we are too.

  • Tons and tons and tons of bugfixes. We fixed Epic Cash so it works perfectly now. We fixed Firo so it works (mostly) perfectly now. We made some fixes and tweaks to Bitcoin and its derivatives. So many bug fixes. I personally got sick of all the support requests for things that were our fault so I reprioritized the team to focus on cleanup these past couple weeks. I think it really shows now. The support requests have dropped off dramatically at least.

  • Monero privacy fix. Had to update the underlying Monero version because Monero had a big privacy bug. Not something we introduced, but something that was in Monero itself. They fixed it. We applied their fix. Easy. Done.

  • Misc. Custom PIN lengths are done. A release is coming in the next couple of days for Stack and Duo both with this change. Requested often as some people are uncomfortable with just a 4 number PIN.

  • New coins. eCash was added. Nano is 90% done for being added. Banano (the meme coin equivalent of Nano) would be an easy add right afterwards.

  • Podcast. We started a podcast. The StackCast. We've got two episodes uploaded so far. Check them out on our YouTube channel. Our first two interviewes were with Reuben Yap, the project lead from Firo, and Algernon from the Trocador.app exchange service. More episodes recorded and being edited. We hope to have a crypto/privacy/FOSS focus. I'm happy with how they've turned out so far. Check them out.

  • CashFusion. A privacy technology developed for Bitcoin Cash, we're working with the creator of CashFusion, JF, to write a Dart library so we can integrate it into Stack. We've started a FlipStarter which interested parties can donate to with BCH if they want to see this come to fruition. Donate here!

And a random thing to end on. Do you know the social network CoHost? We didn't. But we have one. Follow us on there if you happen to be on that platform and prefer it to others.

Thanks for your support. Shoot us a donation if you're able. QRs available on our donations page.