End of week update: May 12th, 2023

Hey everyone. Weekly update here! We missed getting an update out last week (whoops!) because I (Diego/rehrar) was out for the weekend spending time with family. But worry not, I'm back to thanklessly working weekends so all of you can have your little blog post for the week. So let's review what we've done in the last TWO weeks this time then.

  • Tor. We've got it building, we've got it turning on, so we're in testing. Trying to make sure all of the network connections go through it. This is harder than you think, as some of the libs we use for cryptocurrencies - like Monero - handle their own networking. So we gotta dig deep deep deep into these libs to find where connections are being made. Annoying and time consuming. But the actual difficult part is behind us I think. Soon (tm).

  • Themes. We're literally like 99% done with this. We built a cool little open-source theme server thing that hosts the themes. The wallet connects to it and pulls the info and displays it, and you can download them, and yeah! It all works. Honestly, it would be out today, but we're clicking through the whole app to make sure we didn't get a color or icon wrong during the migration (already found a couple little bugs). Monday for sure on this one though. Like it's literally done besides a couple cosmetic bugs. Oh, and the server thing comes with explicit instructions to add your own theme. Which means, anyone (yes even you) can make a theme for Stack Wallet and make a PR to the repository. That's right, your theme might potentially be in Stack Wallet for all to download. Pretty cool, eh?

  • Trocador! For those of you who don't know, Trocador is a swap service that aggregates other swap services, and respects your privacy. We try to keep high-quality and privacy preserving swap services on our app, and Trocador fits in well alongside ChangeNOW and MajesticBank. More options for our users!

  • Watch-only wallets. Another oft requested feature. We've completed designs for them. But trying to get a grip on the many xpub, ypub, and zpub stuff. This is in the works. We'll hopefully see it live soon.

  • Duo. Working on porting everything to Duo this weekend (your welcome) and Monday. Should have a release of Duo with all of the changes (including theme stuff) alongside the Stack release Monday or Tuesday. This includes:

  • Misc. We took some time to get another couple easy wins this past couple of weeks. Stuff like an option in the security settings to randomize your PIN pad every time. I personally hate this feature, but some people like it, so in it goes. We're also working on custom PIN lengths (like 6 or 8 digits). Once again since people asked. Other housekeeping items like setting up an Issues template since we're getting more and more of those (both a good and a bad thing). Oh! Another cool one. Custom block explorers. You can now go into Advanced settings and set your own custom block explorers per coin.

  • Bug fixes. Fixes to Epic Cash, fixes to Wownero (still crashes when trying to make a new wallet on iOS but not restoring, odd. Also still need to update to latest point release), fixes to Firo starting next week. Will probably take a week soon here for some heavy spring cleaning. Particularly on iOS. What an annoying platform to develop for. BCH 0-conf transactions were perpetually pending, even when they got in a block. Fixed.

  • Next week: Finally finishing up themes, more Tor work, next Duo release, maybe watch-only wallets if we can figure a few stuff out. I'm happy with our progress. I feel like Stack is really becoming a wallet that people want to see and use. Good UX, lots of coins (or only two if Duo), in-app swapping, privacy conscious from the get-go, and plenty of advanced features that are easy to find for power users, but hidden away enough that if you never want to touch them, they're not cluttering up your UI.

LASTLY! Don't know if you missed it, but Cypher Stack (the team behind Stack Wallet), are working on something new. A brand new FOSS app. Teased on their Twitter.

Thanks for your support. Shoot us a donation if you're able. QRs available on our donations page.

See you all next week!