Stack Wallet

The first open-source, non-custodial, privacy-preserving cryptocurrency wallet for all crypto fans

Blockchain illustration

Stack Wallet is open-source

The best and most secure applications are made together. Reap the benefits of security, power, and stability that only a fully open-source codebase can offer. Not partially open. Not mostly open. Completely open.

Stack Wallet is non-custodial

Stack Wallet keeps all private keys in your hands. That means, we never touch your money. We just make the "piggybank", and you control all of the money inside it.

Blockchain illustration
Blockchain illustration

Stack Wallet is privacy-preserving

All privacy technologies implemented in the cryptocurrencies we support are turned on by default. Keep your funds safe from prying eyes.

Multicurrency support

Send, receive, and store Monero, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Firo, Epic Cash, Namecoin, Wownero, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

Built-in exchange

We’ve partnered with some of the best in the ecosystem to exchange your crypto in a quick, secure, and easy manner. Even for cryptos not on Stack Wallet!

Custom backup

Back up your Stack Wallet data to easily restore it or transfer between devices (protected by a custom-designed secure technology).

Multiwallet address book

Create multiple cryptocurrency addresses for your contacts and easily access them for a quick and painless transaction.

Favorite wallets

With many wallets in one Stack, you surely will have some that you use most. Give them the attention they deserve with our Favorites feature (toggle it on or off).


The days of cryptocurrency and open source being difficult to use are a thing of the past. Use crypto like a pro with our meticulously designed interface that makes everything simple.

and more...

Auto connect to our nodes for a seamless experience, or choose your own!

Smart sync: Sync to the blockchain when is convenient for you. Minimize wait times before using your coins.

Custom made backup capabilities mean you can safely and securely restore ALL of yours wallets in two easy steps.

Save multiple cryptocurrency addresses under one contact and assign an emoji

Testnet support: Most coins we support come with their testnet alternatives also. Simply enter advanced mode.

SegWit support: Bitcoin uses SegWit technology automatically, saving you on fees.

Post Technology: Mimblewimble coins utilize Post technology, turning the painful sending and receiving process into a simple, one-and-done affair.

and many more to come!